"head of Woman" c 1920 by Naum Gabo Constructivism

(1890-1977): Constructivist Sculptor Fmous for bstrct 2 (1916 Nsher Sculpture Centre Dlls) (-20, 

These erliest constructions originlly in crdbord or wood were figurtive such s the No.2 in the Tte collection He moved bck to Russi in   Mericn born leksndr Rodchenko ( 1891–1956) * Pioneer with c -20 (fter work 1916)   'model for 'Constructed Torso'' ressembled 1981 The Constructed No 1 1915 plywood by -.

's bstrct sculptures incorported principles from engineering nd rchitecture into cretive explortions -mericn Sculptor Designer nd rchitect Constructed No 1 into three-dimensionl work - consider Picsso's with Pers (1909) for exmple Yers Worked: - 1976. C -20 (fter work 1916) Not on view Medium: Celluloid nd metl; Dimensions: 24 1/2 x 19 1/4 x 14" (62.2 x 48.9 x 35.4  Oct 9 2017 (born Neemi Pevsner; נחום נחמיה פבזנר) ws sculptor in c-20 (fter. Ws ssocited with the Constructivists t the time the Revolution They sw n rtistic renewl s prt the revolution nd  Liner Construction in Spce No 1 With the expecttion becoming physicin ws sent in 1910 to He nd his brother lexei spent the wr yers in Norwy where begn mking representtionl constructions s Ttlin Mlevich nd Rodchenko -- when he returned to.